Apple® iPad program

“Do not confine your children to your own learning for they were born in another time."- Hebrew Proverb

CKS was the first non-public school in Lexington to adopt a 1:1 iPad program for its Middle School in the 2012-13 school year.

Educational technology is a valuable tool in today's classrooms. It allows us to learn or do things in a way that is simply better than was possible in the past. When a student can get immediate feedback on his or her work, when teachers and students can interact digitally in a learning management system, and when new, age-appropriate tools are at our disposal, we can say that the learning environment is not just different, but better.

Sixth-grade students attend a Sixth Grade Bootcamp before the school year. At this session, and in the early weeks of school, they learn what it means to be good, Catholic digital citizens who must earn a "digital driver's license" before receiving an iPad. These lessons are then reinforced and reintroduced throughout Middle School.

As teachers, we are aware that there is a healthy limit to how much "screen time" a child should get each day. We monitor this and discuss it with students and parents.

Our elementary students use a combination of desktops, iPads and laptops, as appropriate for their age and lessons. The arrival of new iPads for Middle School allowed for a redistribution of existing equipment: Fourth and fifth grades are now also 1:1 with iPads, and student-to-device ratios have been reduced for lower grades. The total number of student-accessible computing devices on campus is approximately 490.