Success Program Handbook

Raising the Bar (K - 5th Grade)

Raising the Bar is a supplemental reading program which uses the nationally recognized, Orton- Gillingham based Barton Reading and Spelling System. This program is designed for students who would benefit from more intensive phonics based instruction. The program is implemented one-on-one or in groups of two students, in two, 45- to 60-minute sessions per week. The sessions are led by the reading specialist or by one of the instructional specialists. Students are considered for this program based on teacher referral and an in-house screening process.

Raising the Bar After School (K - 8th Grade)

Tutoring using the Barton Reading and Spelling System is also offered as an after school program on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 3:00-5:00. Faculty members and other trained tutors lead the sessions. This program is coordinated by Kathy Kiffmeyer.

ACE (3rd - 8th Grade)

Academic Curricular Enrichment is a program designed to meet the needs of gifted students at CKS. The program strives to differentiate academic learning, enrich academic curriculum with various student-centered methods, deliver appropriate educational opportunities for our gifted students, provide ongoing professional development for all teachers regarding gifted education, share information about Kentucky regulations for gifted education and to identify, asses and distribute information about other programs and opportunities for our gifted students.

Middle School Learning Strategies (6th - 8th Grade)

This course, taught by one of our instructional specialists, is designed to assist students with specific skills and provide academic support to the regular class curriculum. Students will be given instruction in specific learning strategies for information acquisition and retention, test preparation and skill reinforcement. These strategies will then be applied to assignments and assessments within the general curriculum to enhance student learning and success. This course also provides students with additional time and instruction for completion of class work.

Speech & Language Consultation

CKS partners with a local agency to provide speech, language, and occupational therapy for our students on site. These services are provided by certified outside professionals. Referrals for screenings are accepted for all ages, and can be initiated by teachers or parents. If therapy is needed, parents may contract privately to have those services occur here in our building during the school day or after school and into the summer. Having these therapists here allows for collaboration among professionals and a comprehensive approach to skill development that benefits our students. For more information or to submit a referral, contact Stephanie Hall.

Minds in Motion

CKS has implemented the Minds in Motion program for our Pre-K and early primary students. In evaluating the program, we learned that encouraging the physiological development of balance leads children to measurable gains academically, socially, behaviorally, and athletically. See Principal Smith's note regarding Minds in Motion, and view a little about the program in the video below. The benefits of incorporating Minds in Motion into our primary grades are echoed in the article, "Why Kids Need to Move, Touch and Experience to Learn," published in KQED News in March, 2015.


Christ the King School works in conjunction with Fayette County Public Schools to coordinate the use of Title 1 funds to the benefit of our students. Children living within the boundaries of schools identified as Title 1 recipients generate federal money that is earmarked for our use. That money provides after school reading and math tutoring for certain eligible students. A private tutoring agency comes to CKS to provide individual or small group instruction at no charge to the parents.