Enrollment Guidelines

Christ the King School (CKS) is a Parish School and accepts a share of the family’s responsibility to educate children. Therefore, Catholic children of families who have siblings already enrolled in the school will be given preference for enrollment. For children who are first in the family to register for admission, preference will be given to those Catholic children whose parents or guardians are REGISTERED members of Christ the King Parish (CTK).

Admission to Christ the King school will be considered for those children whose parents or guardians submit an application during the stated enrollment period of the school year immediately preceding the year in which the child desires to enroll. Those applicants will be considered for admission whose educational needs can be met by the programs offered at the school and whose parents or guardians agree to support the administrative and academic policies of the school. CKS does not discriminate against students with special needs, if with reasonable accommodations determined solely by Christ the King School, the student can meet the bona fide educational requirements of the school. Students entering Kindergarten must meet State of Kentucky age eligibility requirements, that is, the child must be 5 years of age before August 1 of his kindergarten year. All applicants are subject to review of past conduct, academic performance, and achievement tests.

Admission Guidelines

Admission to Christ the King School (and participation in school programs) is not denied to students on the basis of race, color, ethnic or national origin. Admission will not be denied because of any handicapping condition unless it is clear that the staff, due to inadequate professional training, and/or the school’s program, would not be able to meet the student’s needs.

Admission to Christ the King School will be determined by the principal after consideration of the academic, developmental, behavioral and/or psychological information from previous schools as evidenced by records and/or communication.

Every effort will be made to admit students that have a reasonable chance to perform as successful students at Christ the King School.

All students currently enrolled in CKS in all grades, including preschool, are automatically re-enrolled for the following year, except upon the express recommendation of the school administrator. Admission of new students to Christ the King School is determined by the following categories, in he following order of priority:

  • Children of current Christ the King School faculty
  • Siblings of current Christ the King School students
  • Catholic children of parishioners of the Christ the King parish
  • Catholic children whose parents are parishioners of a Catholic church other than the Christ the King parish
  • Children of non-Catholics

To determine rankings within the priority categories, the school uses a lottery system wherein parents draw a number at registration for their family. (When using online application forms in cases where an in-person registration process is not possible, the lottery number is randomly assigned via online process). For applications submitted on the official registration date, the lowest lottery number receives the first available opening for the particular grades for which the family has applied. After the official registration date, applications are processed and considered on a first come, first served basis, without respect to a lottery number.

According to Catholic thought and tradition, it is through baptism that one is incorporated into the Roman Catholic Church. Therefore, it is expected that parishioners of the Cathedral of Christ the King wishing their child to attend Christ the King School as a parishioner should meet the following:

  • The child is a Baptized Roman Catholic
  • Attend Sunday Mass on a regular basis at Christ the King
  • Have a completed parish registration form on file with the church office
  • A Brigance developmental readiness assessment will be required for all incoming kindergarten students

Non-Catholic applicants must be willing to to have their children participate in religion classes and attend liturgy, since this is an integral part of the life of Christ the King School.

CKS does reserve the right to make exceptions to these priorities for extraordinary reasons and, in all cases ,the administration reserves the right to make the final decisions on admissions, consistent with the above policy.

health information

All enrolling students must have a health information form on file with the school prior to starting school. More information is available on the Health Requirements page.