Visual Arts

“Art means revealing God in everything that exists.” - Hermann Hesse

In Art we start out by helping students become aware that all of their talents are a gift from God, and that using these talents is a way of praising Him. The students in both Primary and Intermediate art classes are introduced to the Elements of Art in a simple context to start the building process. Through the use of many different mediums, viewing works by famous artists, and displaying their own work, a sense of the value of art is instilled. Gradually we progress and build upon the Elements and start to incorporate the principles of design. Students are challenged to build upon their creativity through improvement in craftsmanship, knowledge of art in an art historical context, and use of different mediums. At the Middle School level, students continue to build upon their skills by incorporating all of the Elements and Principles of Design. Craftsmanship continues to improve and multiple mediums are used. Art historical connections are made and famous artists are referenced. Art’s ability to make a statement is studied and practiced. The student’s artwork is displayed throughout the community through contests, fundraisers, and shows. Visits to galleries and museums are incorporated into our arts curriculum in order to instill an appreciation for the arts in our world.