Thank you for visiting the website of Christ the King School! Whether it’s your first virtual visit or you’re a longtime friend of our school, we welcome you and hope our site will be helpful and informative.

Each year, our school has a theme song and a faith theme. For 2021-22, our theme song is "Faith is Living" by John Waller, and our faith theme is “Living the Faith.” Our morning prayer includes the words, “I give myself and everything I do to you.” These words are a reminder of our faith in the Lord and that we desire to live in Him each and every day.

Living the faith is not only in our morning prayer, but it also comes through our vision and mission. We work to prepare our students for what life brings, and to depend on our Catholic faith for strength and guidance. Our faith in God is at the core of our school. Our Faith Guidelines help us through the every day, and lay an important foundation for our future. We need God now. We know he is here for us, and he will be there with us in the future, as well. This is our belief and our faith.

We are humbled and blessed to be entrusted with the education of our students in life and in faith, and we look forward to new generations starting with us on their journey of learning, life, and faith.

Ann Tramontin Bruggeman