Guidelines for Success

In addition to sacramental preparation, we provide guideposts in which every student can build a strong relationship with Christ. Our FAITH guidelines provide the framework from which our students begin to have a daily understanding of our Lord, which later become the necessary tools to become a spiritually- grounded young adult.

Our FAITH Guidelines act as a gentle reminder for our students to always find Christ in everything they do. The mission of our parish Catholic school stipulates values in three basic areas: character, knowledge and spirit. Our FAITH guidelines touch all three areas and provide basic, positive tenets for our entire school community to follow. The guidelines apply to all members of our school community. The FAITH guidelines are:

  • Find Christ in others
  • Accept responsibility
  • Inspire integrity and honesty
  • Treat others with dignity and respect
  • Honor God, yourself, and others

Our school community’s goal is to provide an environment where students bloom and can reach their full potential. Success is not just measured in grades and academics but also in character and spirit.