Christ the King House System

Students in grades 6 through 8 are divided into mixed-grade-level houses. Each house is named after a Saint or Sacred person they would like to emulate, has a motto, a mascot, a cheer, and a banner that hangs in the hallway. Teacher mentors oversee the houses, and house leaders (eighth graders who have applied and been selected by the mentor) lead house meetings.

The purpose of the House System is to involve students in school activities and service. We hope to encourage students to have a positive attitude toward teachers and rules, have better academic performance and feel better about them self. The House System brings energy and promotes school spirit in our middle school students.

At the house meetings, the students work together in various competitions while wearing their house shirts in their designated colors. House members work together to earn points through the competitions. Individual students earn points for their house by participating in school events, community service projects and extracurricular activities. Students are given their own monthly point sheet and must get signatures from adults who sponsor each event in which they participate.

The benefits of being involved in such a system are outstanding. Mixing the students from all grades in the house provides more opportunities for students to meet peers with whom they may not otherwise interact, and the sixth graders feel more relaxed moving up to the middle school. Faculty and student relationships improve as a result of them interacting outside the classroom. Positive peer pressure gets students involved in activities in order to support their house and students gain a sense of pride in being able to contribute. When all students feel they can make a difference, it creates a climate where students and teachers want to be, making the House System a win-win situation.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”-Henry Ford


“Let Your Light Shine.” This is the motto of Therese House, one of our six houses at Christ the King. It represents the core value behind our decision to group students together to work daily on achieving goals and cheering each other on along the way. Our office staff and elementary teachers not otherwise sponsoring or advising one of the other houses constitute Cathedral House.


Named after St. Gabriel
Motto: God Is Our Strength (DEUS POTESTAS NOSTRA EST)
Color: Yellow
Mascot: Honey Badger


Named after St. George
Motto: Christian Courage (CHRISTIANA VIRTUS)
Color: Purple
Mascots: Angry Armadillos


Named after Pope John Paul II
Motto: On a Mission from God (IN MISSIONE A DEO)
Color: Deep Red
Mascot: Bulldogs


Named after St. Joseph
Motto: Building Our Faith (NOSTRAM FIDEM MUNIRE)
Color: Green
Mascot: Shrek


Named after Therese of Lisieux
Motto: Let Your Light Shine (LUX TUA FULGAT)
Color: Blue
Mascot: Tornadoes


Named after St. Xavier
Motto: Lead by Example (DUCITE EXEMPLO)
Color: Orange
Mascot: Cheetahs